Old Woollen Mill Smallholding For Sale - Converted Woollen Mill set in up to 10 Acres (approx)
A factory (y ffactri) was established just below where the present Mill stands in 1840,The remains were visible in 1999 and were rebuilt as the present stables/outbuildings.
The existing 4 storey Woollen Mill was built in 1912 to traditional methods with much of the materials being gleaned from the original Mills. A report dated 1947 describes the working Mill as being in fair condition with two lean-to sheds housing the power unit, dyeing and finishing plants. The working conditions were cramped and untidy and were run by a very elderly Mr Price, his 52 year old son and occassionally his wife and one employee. The Price;s house is behind the Mill accross the field. In the old picture above you can make out a style or small gate that would have been the way in to the Mill from the Mill owner;s cottage. The style has gone but steps are still evedent in the direction of Penwern Mills & Bryn Awel (Former Mill owners Cottages.)
An example of cloth made at the Mill, still available today.In 1947 it is said that the twin water wheels were in disrepair and power was provided by oil driven engines and lighting was by parafin lamps. It is believed that the Wheels were at some time sold off for scrap. Lots of smaller wheels, cogs, pullies, spindles and carding spikes are around. Other machinery from this Mill is at the Welsh Woollen Museum.
The 1947 report, the above photograph and a book of The Welsh Woollen Industry  which features this Mill will remain available to be kept with the property.
The Mill finished production in 1952 and was left to become derelict. It was bought in 1981 by a builder George Nicklin who converted the Mill to a dwelling and put a three bedroomed flat in the Mill on the floor below the eaves and left the rest of the building empty. He connected the services and planted lots of beautiful flowering Cherry trees and ornamental firs.
The Mill remained unchanged until I moved here in 1999 and completely redisigned the interior of the building to its present layout and also rebuilt the outbuildings on the footprint of the original Mill.
Waterwheel seen from the drive in the Old Mill Leat.*******
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